1 dead in Southern California Costco shooting


One person was killed Friday night at a Southern California Costco when an off-duty police officer opened fire after an argument. Shoppers ran for their lives. Carter Evans reports.

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Date: November 7, 2019

31 thoughts on “1 dead in Southern California Costco shooting

  1. Amazing, they convict the white police officer in Dallas for shooting the guy in his apartment, but they can't even get this Mexican cop to court even though he mowed down a whole family.

  2. pumped 10 rounds in to a crowed of people 4 rounds into victim and shot his parents and he gets off because he got a bump on his head this guys a serial killer needs to be off the streets

  3. Where is the video . Why are the police blocking the showing of the video . That cop is a terrorist on a mass shooting rampage . Dozens or peoples lives were threatened by this lunatic police offer and that department that backs up mass shootings committed from their own officers .

  4. If we get in an argument and shoot someone in a Costco the camera footage would be on the 9 or 10 o'clock news. This guy is a cop therefore the DA is shutting down that crap and minimizing damage for their attack dog. Justice doesnt exist

  5. Salvador Sanchez (the off duty) was believed to have acted out of anger & an oversized ego. His lawyer said he had no choice but to use deadly force…nobody is buying that, he's not an officer of the law if his regard for life is so low. There's no honor in defending this person's barbaric behavior & personal choices. He was headstrong and sounds like he was itching to use his gun for any reason which happen to be on a man with a disability and his elderly parents. It's not believable that he was not given apologies by Kenneth's parents who was trying to de-escalate, give understanding & calm this situation down. Salvador chose not to accept apologies, de-escalate (which is said to be protocol), or listen, instead he chose to use deadly force on this family. Salvador Sanchez does not deserve to wear a badge of honor. He does not share the same values of men and women who put their lives on the line everyday protecting life. Shame on him.
    How did Salvador reveal that he was an officer? Did he take the time to show a badge? Or did he just take out his gun and start shooting? Is this protocol? For all anyone knows, anyone carrying a gun can say they are an officer. If Salvador said he was an officer, while he was afraid for his life, he would have been yelling it loud enough for people to hear. I've not heard the witness say anything about him declaring he was an officer. All that was heard was shooting and screaming from the video. Infact the witness who was going to help him retreated b/c he got up by himself and started shooting all 6-8 rounds. There was no guns or knives drawn just his, so how did he follow protocol? He's a civilian with a gun that killed a man therefore he should be in custody not free to do it again. Freedom are for people who are not a threat to others. Where is his face? So the public knows to stay clear from him? Apologize to the family even if you don't get their forgiveness, be human and mourn for their loss. You are still alive to hold your child. This family will always long to hold their child again. Take this threat off the streets already. America is appalled and angry with this. May God have mercy on us all. America will faulter from within. Justice for some is what it's come to. Do the right thing and let him face his crimes.

  6. Sounds like the Copper Emptied his Magazine as he was trained to do. These guys are killers and don't care about deescalating the situation. Why does this Cop "Sanchez" get over 200K a year in pay and benefits?

  7. Omg I just learned from a reliable source that this happened as the deceased young guy and the off duty cop were standing in line for food samples .How freakin sad is this?,what have we become as a nation to be fighting in long lines for miserable food samplings??
    Isn’t the food court at Costco cheap enough?,can y’all please feed yourselves at it before entering the giant retailer,or are you guys gonna start a gun fight waiting for pizza & polish sausages too?

  8. This whole story is too hard to believe. So the cop gets knocked down???/colapses/falls down/has an episode??? gets up and starts shooting? Not believable just another police story. He should never be allowed to carry a gun. Separate rules for the men in blue than the rest of us.

  9. Costco use to have a membership requirement. Now it's filled up with illegal Aliens and they have to take the whole family. They block the aisles and eat all of the samples ,they will not let you pass.

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