French woman breaks down in tears over 'catastrophe' Brexit


Ginie Moss was one of a group of pro-EU protesters who surrounded Richard Graham, the MP for Gloucester, during a demonstration yesterday evening. The Conservative politician tried to comfort Ms Moss saying ‘Je suis désolé’, but she snapped back: ‘Don’t speak to me in French!’

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Date: November 9, 2019

36 thoughts on “French woman breaks down in tears over 'catastrophe' Brexit

  1. Another attention seeking , kidult 'protestor' in a daft hat looking for an Oscar . Looks like she has completely lost the plot and she's teaching our kids ! Brexit derangement syndrome at it's peakest level . Sounds a bit rude and viscous as well – Mr.Graham was only being polite speaking to her in French . Some people lack any manners . She turned out to be a set up plant anyway .

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