Geography Now! POLAND (ft. Art Napiontek & Commonwealth Realm)


50 thoughts on “Geography Now! POLAND (ft. Art Napiontek & Commonwealth Realm)

  1. Whoa I think this is the most slapstick-violent and bleep-profane video we've ever done. CONGRATS POLAND! And Thanks Art and Konrad for guest starring!
    Also – Whoa misspelled "Holocaust" sorry.

  2. Poland is Central European country not because of map location!
    It's because Polish people and culture is a complete mix of Eastern Europe and Western Europe.
    We are exactly in the middle. We are not like Russians not Like Germans. We are Polish, we are the central europe. We are just betewen two powers that is the reason we got beatten so much in a past, durin IIWW we had been attacked by Germans and two weeks later by Russians. And we are still standing!
    Remember: Poland – Central Europe 🙂 !

  3. Bay of Puck LOL
    You just drown hundreds thousands of people! Made a lake in area where a lot of people lives in.
    The bay is the part of actual see between Gdańsk, Władysławowo and Hel.

  4. Ha, you missed new Polish 500 zloty bill in currency section (With King John III Sobieski – do not confuse with the old one) 😉 Otherwise it was quite fun to watch your take on Poland and tbh suprisingly there isn't really anything to correct. And the way you nailed lake Śniardwy. Well done! Glad to see that after long years Poland is finally getting some spotlight sinc emost of the time in western view it seems that there is Germany, Czech Republic, a big blank spot on the map and then Russia if you know what I mean…

  5. Behemoth, Vader, Penderecki, Stanko, Dudziak, Urbaniak, Kilar, Basia, Rubinstein, Szymanowski, Komeda, well known internationally Polish musicians. They do/did a lot of stuff in the US too… Zytecki?? .. I learned about him today, I'm a Pole

  6. Thank you very much, you are amazing
    Congratulations on a great work, I laughed many times while watching the video 😀

    P.S. The longest rivers flowing through Poland are Vistula and Odra.

    The Oder is also the second (after the Vistula) most important river in our country.

  7. The description of the Polish position in the EU was not well shown. Our point of view is this: According to the German government, Polish politics and interests should be dealt with as part of the EU, but German interests, in particular German interests with Russia are only German matters. Germany treats the new EU countries as second-class members.

  8. About strong man… there is polish power-lifting champion Jarosław Olech that won 13 times world championship in that discipline… sadly most of poles don't really know about him.

  9. Just a quick note about the Nobel prizes:
    Of actual Poles, we had only 9:
    5 in literature, including this year's Olga Tokarczuk
    2 peace prizes
    1 from chemistry and 1 from physics (Maria Skłodowska Curie)

    The rest just had polish ancestry.

    Also, the tauróg is a mostly extinct tradition, I never seen it in my life.

  10. Hey! If we are talking about scientists, there is no possibility to forget about Jan Czochralski, who invented the production process of crystal silica. The base for electronic industry.

  11. Ja nawet nie wiedziałem że Polska miała za kolonię kawałek Gambii i Trynidadu i Tobaga

    I didn't even knew Poland had a piece of Gambia and Trinidad and Tobago as

  12. Hey, what about Greatest Poland? They aslo have them own dialect, food ( for example 'pyry zez gzikiem' )and traditions like Saint Marcin Day and more. Is not only Kaszubians and Silesians!

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