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September update – 132 pages – my new book is now available on Amazon UK, USA, and Global Retail Network. | Rachel Evans Barbie

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Currently on TV Chanel 5 OMG My Barbie Body June 25th air date and available on demand. Worldwide press coverage of my human doll body and Barbie- lookalike looks
New book out to buy a copy here print, digital all
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Barbie blonde -my image reinvention face and bikini body from gothic black look- ten years transition
My life story is in the News Headlines after my TV appearance interview on Celebrity Botched Bodies Channel 5 Season 2 Ep5 October 13th 2016.

My interview in the TV show was heavily covered and documented in global news headlines,
UK nationals & worldwide – my interview in Daily Star, The Sun, The Mirror, Daily Mail Online, MSN News, plus USA, Russia, Australia, Eastern Europe, Europe and Asia, Hong King, Brazil, Poland, Italy,
October 13th one week media coverage it all went viral

Channel 5 Celebrity Botched Bodies is Available on demand My5 Channel 5
Watch my episode on Youtube see Channel 5 link

Barbie blonde -my image reinvention face and bikini body from gothic black look- ten years -my interview coverage

October 2016
Press coverage of my TV appearance and interview UK & global TV / Entertainment/ Celebrity news

Jan 2016
Daily Mail Online Saturday Jan 29th 2016…

TV Appearances –
Watch me on TV on First Dates Channel Four Season 2 Episode 6
and it went into the 2015 Channel Four Top Picks compilation…

TV 2012 watch my Interview on ITV Lorraine – bikini Body Confidence interview on turning haters into something positive and I supported and defended Samantha Brick (journalist friend of mine) when she was in the headlines for her own “I am beautiful” body confidence.

Rachel Evans: Like Samantha Brick, I’m bullied because of my good looks

On ITV Lorraine click here


Date: November 9, 2019

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