Inside China's 'thought transformation' camps – BBC News


The BBC has been given rare access to the vast system of highly secure facilities thought to be holding more than a million Muslims in China’s western region of Xinjiang.

Authorities there insist they are just training schools. But the BBC’s visit uncovers important evidence about the nature of the system and the conditions for the people inside it.

The BBC’s China Correspondent John Sudworth sent this report.

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Date: October 23, 2019

47 thoughts on “Inside China's 'thought transformation' camps – BBC News

  1. May god help these people … every single one of them. Whether they are the “students” or “prisoners”. Whether they are “teachers” or “abusers”
    May god help these people. Amen 🙏

  2. Crazy crazy crazy human rights abuse, I wish we could do something without starting WW3.

    The scary thing is, that’s exactly what they said about the information coming out about Hitler and the Nazis – if they stepped up and defended human rights they would start another WW1…. still didn’t prevent WW2 and so us doing nothing now won’t prevent WW3.

  3. Sometimes its so difficult to be a muslim, after reading comments on social media. Ive never hurt anyone in my whole life but still it makes me feel guilty like im a criminal.

  4. At least China acknowledges the threat that Islam is and is doing something about it. Unlike Western governments who are flooding their countries with third world Muslims that do not respect or have any intention of assimilating into the Western culture.

  5. When you see how these muslims treat their women and LGBT.
    Leftists will shut their mouth after visiting by themselves.
    Feminists have no words for oppressed women when it comes to Muslim communities.

  6. if you think about it broadly, whole of China is like a tranformation camp with everyone learning a new language, aka English, and learning skills to keep up manuafactoring goods for westerners…forced by the global supply chain established by the west.."If they don't want to come then what happens?"
    …"We have not encountered that."

  7. Every countries handle Islamic terrorism differently …USA ..Guantanamo ..British ..they just gun down ..these people are given a 2nd chance ..or u guys rather they get hunt down like most western countries does … country Muslim minister went there and was impressed the camp is well managed ..

  8. I wonder if Muslims in the Middle East know what's going on in China with people who follow Islam. Along with China rewriting the Quran to fit a Communist agenda. Would Muslim around the world care?

  9. West wanty religious extremism to grow in developing and poor nation and they alway at civil war ,just like in africa and middle east…Arm sale is not that dirty business for the west..

  10. Insha Allah, Indian and Chinese govt will definitely come to end of destroy.. They are preparing for their own distortion.. Allah is best protector of his believers… Ya Allah, please please help our brothers and sisters from this pain. We only worship u and we only ask u help.. please my merciful Allah save them…🤲😢😭

  11. I have no idea why China is bothering taking care of these people,send them to UK or US,they respect human rights,they will accept and settle them down.

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