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  1. 100s of Billions / Trillions / personnel all there in case of a what if scenario. If Russia launch nukes what is the point of retaliation, we would just be defending a wasteland. Can we not use that money to make nice so geothermal nuclear war is not even a consideration.

  2. A full exchange of nuclear weapons IS an end of the world scenario, however, if a limited number of strikes occur, the national command authority needs to be protected.
    Both the US and Russia realized that a full exchange of our arsenals was suicide and settled on limited srike options so they could "turn off" the war in the event of a mistake or accident.
    If all else fails and we all do die, I'm glad Nightwatch will be in the air to at least avenge us.

  3. The Boeing E-4B Nightwatch is one of my favorite Military versions of the Boeing 747 along with the VC-25A and the Boeing 747-400F YAL-1 Airborne Laser System! They're awesome! My other favorite 747s are the Boeing 747-100 N905NA and Boeing 747-100SR N911NA the twin NASA Shuttle Carrier Aircraft that hauled the Space Shuttle Orbiters on their backs! Also the Boeing 747-400, 747-400F, 747-8I, 747-8F, and Boeing 747-400 LCF ( Large Cargo Freighter ) These are all great airframes! I hope that the two United States Air Force Boeing E-4B Nightwatch ( National Emergency Airborne Command Post ) Aircraft like the ones on this video of the 595th Command and Control Group from Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska get repaired after being hit by the Tornado!!

  4. Old model. Trump/Pence 2020. Promises Made/Promises Kept! Simple as that. Took a NON Politician to MAGA! Never give up to Democrat give me-give me-give me Liberals. Fight the good fight. (Ohio)

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