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The investment banking lifestyle can be brutal and the culture not so kind sometimes to junior staff. In this video we will look at what you can expect going to into investment banking as an interns, analyst and associate. We will also look at the personalities which excel in this environment.

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Date: November 1, 2019

26 thoughts on “Investment Banking Lifestyle & Culture

  1. In terms of PTO for vacation, how is that? Is it frowned upon especially as a junior banker? What about holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Do you have to go into the office?

  2. Please tell me how someone can get into investment banking front office job probably sales wherein the investment banker meet clients on a daily basis and bring in businesses.

  3. Success is NOT necessarily about money, status and materialism – as our society and culture has mistaught us. You do not find happiness nor fulfillment in listening to your ego. I think investment banking induces to sacrifice physical & mental health, spiritual life, parenting, social life, quality of life, emotional life (happiness), and the freedom of just being human – living in the present moment and not on the demands of tomorrow, nor the pain of the past. You might want to consider all these factors, and truly reflect on how important they are to you – not society nor ego.

  4. Did a bit of research online but never got a clear answer. Do you have to have a degree to work in this sector? Or is it possible not to or at least work your way up into a position in investment banking? Does having experience within the finance sector help?

  5. There are 168 hours in 1 week. People who don't sleep do not produce work of any version of quality and cannot focus – for example not sleeping for 18 hours puts your brain in a similar state to drinking 3 pints. How can any company expect someone to work a lot more than 100 hours per week (your words) in busy periods and still produce work that the client will be happy with? It's just impossible. Also, if we imagine someone working 126 hours in a week – 18 per day, if they teleport to their bed and back to work the instant they wake they average 6 hours sleep and can't eat. Reality will be 4 hours sleep if you live close. What amazes me is if you aren't exaggerating is why anyone would do that to themselves for money.

  6. IB is not as good as it once was. Also when I was employed I was the only analyst on the desk. The team was 2 VP's and 1 MD. Was a special team but that meant virtually FA training as nobody would explain anything. Managed to stick it out 2 years and get the hell out – also I was making more money in the summer holiday with some online marketing business I set up that what I worked out I was making in IB'ing. When you work out how much per hour it is very poor. Most people I knew only stayed between 1-3 years max and then either went to a PE or VC or started some business.

  7. Good commentary and tips. Seems like it's not really worth it. Executive creative directors for example can make $400-500k at very large agencies and they barely do any laborious work, they probably work 50 hours a week max, have fun, stimulating and creative jobs and make as much as IB VPs. Managing directors at big 4 advisory even make in that $400k range and you can get there by your mid 30s without having to work anywhere close to 80 hours a week – in fact many consultants, managers etc get to work from home 50% of the time. There are many more examples but it seems IB is not worth it until you get to the partner level, and even then $1MM can still be attained at the partner level in other industries such as tech consulting, management/strategy consulting, fortune 500s, sales etc. I think the upside is you get paid well when you are young and if you can make into the buyside your hours decrease a lot and you can earn even more, but still $500k isn't some insane amount for cities like Hong Kong, London, San Fran and New York. You are still living just an upper middle class life but you have barely anytime to enjoy it – just like you, most people just do very low cost activities with their friends and family – life doesn't require you to be making millions of dollars to enjoy it, especially if you are sacrificing your precious time to make the money.

  8. Can you make a detailed video about Asset management like what can I expect as a junior and what kind of exit opportunities I will be looking at in future.
    Thank you for making videos, they really help a lot! 😊

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