Nicki Minaj Plays it Super Cool After Fight with Cardi B | TMZ


Nicki Minaj was clearly not the worse for wear as she left the Plaza hotel in NYC Friday night, after her epic showdown with Cardi B.


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Date: November 8, 2019

46 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Plays it Super Cool After Fight with Cardi B | TMZ

  1. If yous keep fighting with each other be friends and I’ll be your fans again because: why are yous fighting with each other? Yous are not mean and I now it Cardi b and Nick Minaj
    And it’s not one of your faults it’s both of your faults please pretty please fix the problem yous both have and do not be enemy’s

  2. Damn Cardi DESTROYED her career. Nikki looks all shook , disorientated , and trying really hard not to cry . Blowing kisses , when In reality she’s breathing in and out . That fear Cardi put in her ! Lol !

  3. 0:13 nicki: mom
    The mom: yes my sweet nicki
    Nicki: I just had a fight with cardi b
    The mom : Who cardi b
    Nicki: yes ma
    The mom: what did you do to her
    Nicki: nothing
    The mom: alright I'm coming to show
    That motherfucker who is nicki mom
    Cardi b hears everything: okurrrrrr

  4. I love Nicki better than cardi B cuz I don't even like cardi B some of my adult people like cardi B I hate cardi B she's ugly you're very like her cardi B's pretty gay me to talk with Nicki Minaj cuz I don't think they're going to be best friends so they need to be best friends and if they don't I'm coming after Corey B. Point Blank

  5. opinion / facts 😌 if your goin to speak on something . PLEASE make sure u get the inside scoop of what’s really going on 💯 if u had a child and someone spoke down on ur child that haven’t been on this earth long or ur child period … you would do the same , because ik I would 😑 yes I know everyone is in titled to having there own opinions … it’s BEST u learn more then say more 🤷🏽‍♀️ cardi b did what MOST REAL WOMEN WITH CHILDREN would do 🗣 you disrespect my child that you know absolutely nothing abt then YES ( by all means ) IM COMING FOR YOU IDC WHERE WE ARE AT 💯💯💯 nicki been coming for cardi for the longest … cardi had side talks with nicki JUST TO DROP THE BEEF 🥩 imma say it like this …. DO NOT START SOMETHING , YOU CAN NOT FINISH !!!! PERIODT 😘

  6. She through the first punch thats why cardi got mad and lied saying nick talk about her daughter, lol she a fraud mother just like Shay Aka Shanelle Soloman drag king Xavier Coxworthy

  7. Cardi b claims dat she is better than everyone in the rap game and she talks alot of shit.Than Nicki put her fucking foot down and Nicki walked out that building like a real boss bitch and Cardi looked like she just came from the gudder so at this point idgaf what people got to say bout Nicki bc Nicki was here before cardi was even a thing.All Cardi knows how to is shake her ass for niggas so.But I love both of their music tho.

  8. How see it if cardi b is still on this type of behavior she needs to go back to the streetz or so called hood that she be talking about. They got a mcdonalds over here in the hood were I be around she would be perfect fit for this type of position.

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