Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Have Reunited — See Why! | PeopleTV


The two royal couples have reunited to voice a PSA video for mental health, which will be aired by major U.K. broadcasters on Monday evening.
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Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Have Reunited — See Why! | PeopleTV


Date: November 9, 2019

35 thoughts on “Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Have Reunited — See Why! | PeopleTV

  1. They are her far from having anything to do with mm. This is just in the name of Harry Wills n Kate's initial awareness group. Be under no illusions. Mm is out! Finito. Not a single royal is having anything to do with this mad woman…apart from Harry who is on v thin ice. A!ready his n her benefits cut off by RF. So they are trying to come up with schemes to make money. Fake headline. Misleading public.

  2. MeGain Markle has brought more mental health trauma to those close to her than anyone I have ever known of. Just look at her husband and her father!!! Both emotional wrecks because of MeGain bloody Markle!!! She should probably apply her advice at least to her elderly father before she speaks in this subject again! And once again her hypocrisy shameful to everyone but her.

  3. The Fab Four…??? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds, they did a recording at different times and probably different places, how does that make them the fab four after everything that’s happened. And MeGain Markle, who literally ticks every box for narcissistic personality disorder shldn’t be allowed to speak on mental health let alone guide anyone, and quite frankly she shldnt even be allowed near people at all. She’s done a mighty fine job of fking up Harry’s head and his happiness and relationships with everyone close to him in a very short period of time. She’s dangerous. She shldnt be on this charity. And why was Harry’s vocal part sooo much longer than Williams?? Oh that’s because Harry suffers sooo much more depression than William. It’s like William didn’t even lose his own mother as well, it was only Harry!

  4. They can't stand each other. William knows the biggest threat to the crown is the Meghan and Harry marriage. The entire royal family needs to distance themselves as quickly as possible. The

  5. I like how they work together. They don't have to be physically present with each other to be together. It's sheer genius to have the voices and personalities bounce off of each other, enhance each other, make each distinct. Each one seems perfect for their part. The brothers, of course, are hard to tell apart. But it's there, if you listen. And they come back at the end.

  6. That ship has sailed. Obviously recorded before the fallout. Please please stop calling them the fab 4. That sets them up for failure. Each family wants to have their own separate house & charities. They have different interests & challenges. For example, Harry & Megan will never face the stress of ascending to the throne. Only Will & Kate will have that level of arduous training. Harry is now 6 or 7th in line for the crown. As young boys they were more equal and seen as the Dyno Duo sons of Diana. The last 22 yrs has changed that. They both have very different roles in the RF now. Calling them the Fab 4 may sound cutesie, but is far from the reality of how things will function. Like it or not, going forward Harry is not equal to William and will have to will have to take direction from his brother, the King. Megan will not like that because she thinks it’s Fab4 equality billing and it isn’t. The Firm traditions have existed thousands of years. As an American, Megan isn’t used to that, and it seems that Harry has done a poor job explaining it to her. No wonder she’s confused. Matters were made worse when she hired American advisors who also don’t understand the inner workings of The Firm. The poor women thinks she is the first biracial in the RF. Not true. King George III’s wife, Queen Consort Charlotte was biracial from the Moors & Africa. She reigned on the throne 57 yrs. together they had 15 children. How was the 3x GreatGrandMother to the current Queen Elizabeth II.

  7. This FAB FOUR commanded Respect in the good old Day, but not now when one of them the way she treated her old and in poor health dad, cause mental trauma to him.
    Sorry, she does not deserve to go back to be one of The FAB FOUR.

  8. I'm praying to the living God that these 2 Sons and their wives to be good for each other I'm really happy to see them together please don't listen those who want to devide you just ignore all what they say

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