S1:E40 It just keeps getting better / On the Kenai – Lifestyle Overland


Our tour of wild Alaska continues as we make our way through Anchorage to say hi to new friends before making our way to the Kenai Peninsula and more epic tastes of this mind-blowing landscape.

The Gear We Use: http://www.kit.com/lifestyleoverland

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Custom Soundtracks – Kyle McCuiston Music http://www.kylemccuiston.com
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Music Bed http://www.musicbed.com

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We are a small family of overlanders, actively exploring all of North America. Our mission is to inspire others who desire to venture away from civilization and experience a more adventurous side of life.


Tents and Awnings – http://www.23zerousa.com
Fridge / Freezer – http://www.snomasterusa.com
LED Headlights and Fogs – http://www.xenondepot.com
Solar Panels – http://www.zampsolar.com
Clothing – https://prometheusdesignwerx.com/
Sunglasses – http://www.roka.com
Shower Pouches – http://www.theshowerpouch.com
Land Anchor – http://www.deadmanoffroad.com
Storage Bags – http://www.overlandtailor.com

How we plan trips / navigate: https://youtu.be/RVflThDx7ZA
How we air-up / air-down: https://goo.gl/Z8qXhs
How we poo and shower: https://goo.gl/vr4EeV
How we control bugs: https://goo.gl/EshCjR
How we mount devices: https://youtu.be/WZjNYsk4by8
How we monitor the 4Runner: https://youtu.be/UXzu1G9wzpQ
How do we stick patches to our roof? https://amzn.to/2E27CgR

Primary First Aid Kit – https://amzn.to/2tgbwMj
Secondary First Aid Kit – http://www.tuffgearforlife.com
Fire Extinguisher – https://amzn.to/2JWUT2O

OUR CAMERA GEAR: https://goo.gl/taCD6f

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Date: November 8, 2019

27 thoughts on “S1:E40 It just keeps getting better / On the Kenai – Lifestyle Overland

  1. hey one request can you guys add what songs there in this videos it would be so great i just love the songs you add in your videos but im having a hard time finding them not just in this but most of your videos dnt tell anything about the music i think those music really helped to bring up that traveling experience to the viewers

  2. Suprisingly first YouTube comment ever. Been watching your family take this adventure and I wanted to say it some how and some way that you are living life the right way. I’m sure it’s tougher than what you edit in the episodes but your family’s channel got me. You guys have had some hard times through the series but I wish I could somehow make that decision to do something like this. Would love to pick your brains if I ever met your guys. Keep doing what your doing for your family. Enjoy

  3. You have probably done a video on this but after many miles and lots of use is there anything you would have done differently? I am mostly talking about the 4-Runner and Trailer set up or do you feel very content with what you have. If you were starting over would you chose a diesel truck?

  4. Ahh moose’s tooth!! Man I wish I found your channel way sooner so I could’ve went and met you because your videos awesome! But hey better late than never 🙂

  5. Hey! Just a quick doubt. Aren't you guys using an extended microphone apart from the built-in ones? I personally felt it would be a far greater experience if the audio quality was a little better. As you guys explain a lot of stuff, it's easier for people to understand it without going through the hassle of having to focus a lot due to background and ambient noises.

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