Terrifying moment elephant charges tourist jeep


This is the terrifying moment an elephant charges a tourist jeep on a safari.

Passengers recorded the elephant smashing into the front of their vehicle with ferocious aggression. Its trumpeting war cry can be heard over the sound of the engine.

Amazingly, the driver of the jeep managed to reverse the vehicle over traverse terrain in retreat from the elephant charge.

Amazing final pics of Kenya’s ‘super tusker’ Elephant Queen:

Baby elephant a jumbo hit at wildlife park as Tim Burton’s Dumbo remake hits cinemas:

Prince Harry accused of cropping out elephant’s tethered leg in picture of Malawi visit to mark Earth Day:

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Date: November 9, 2019

46 thoughts on “Terrifying moment elephant charges tourist jeep

  1. thankfully they weren't hurt but in a way I'm kinda happy that happened and people from around the world saw it and maybe now they'll understand why the hunting ban was lifted here in Botswana

  2. Lots of people shouting about the elephants rights but what about the people? Are they still rich enough to afford another ridiculously expensive holiday? Come on internet, over privileged kids lives were at stake here.

  3. That driver is skillfully good. Driving in reverse on a rough terrain like that and getting away with it without overturning the Jeep. They all owe their lives to him. If not for his skillful driving this would have been a different story… one of carnage.

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