Wild Amazon Documentary HD


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  1. How can they took a video, very incredible ! So attractive
    If the world had been holding all the forest around the world,It will avoid all of hurricanes storm, sadly it all gone away and replace by building.

  2. I love National Geographic videos. I am trying to make my videos the same style. By the way what do you think should animals live in the wild or in a zoo? In my last video I discuss advantages and disadvantages of both.

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  3. I hate human kind. I’m ashamed of being one of them too. We kill with no care of other living things. We are selfish. We kill for our own pleasure, and so that we can have what we want. Why are we burning with beautiful place?! Why can people NOT realize that animals are living things too!?!? most animals are going extinct, hell, they Dodo is already extinct. Soon it’ll be wolves, because of stupid poachers, and the beaches and oceans will be so polluted, animals and other people will not be able to swim. Thousands and thousands of sea birds, and sea animals are dying because of us. The air is getting more and more polluted because of factories. These poor, innocent animals are all dying, and going extinct…….. because of us…

  4. My teacher in science once said: one day people will buy air or oxygen.
    Yes, its coming true because of the fire in the Amazon. If they keep burning the amazon, everything will change.

  5. Since a long time ago the Amazon has burned, arson and even customs of the people of that region. This year 2019 is not so different from other years, they sold a huge disgrace to the world for political reasons. In any case, I agree that it must be preserved.

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